Hot Rod and Lip Gloss

Hot Rod and Lip Gloss
64zero3 Gallery, Christchurch, 2008

Automotive paint over custom made fibreglass supports

Sarah Munro’s minimalist sculptural forms seem to not only anticipate objects and environments of a futuristic world but to beckon them into existence. Resembling prototype designs for supersonic cars or products yet to be realised Munro’s ‘futuristic minimalism’ comprises presence and absence, shapely contour and geometric line, reduction and extrusion. These sleek cyber fibreglass clad forms are at once pared-back and extrapolated, and are cloaked in typically strong, vibrant primary colours which keep pointing back to the lustrous smooth as silk surface. They are models of industrious purpose without a specified function.

In keeping with their distinct 21 st century and beyond aesthetic Munro’s sculptural works are conceived within tightly controlled parameters of the CAD architectural/design software programme. Munro deliberately limits the design vocabulary to a small number of tools including the ‘ray tracing algorithm’ which simulates the fall of light. Aspects of the works construction such as the moulding of the polystyrene blank and fibreglass skin are outsourced with Munro herself picking up the laborious task of applying many layers of lacquer and sanding and polishing, thereby lending an almost undetected degree of human industry to highly machine-made looking works.

(Text from 64zero3 Gallery website, Robyn Pickens, 2008)